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andare [an-dà-re] anˈdaːre accept, be, down, go, reach,
aprire [a-prì-re] aˈpriːre access, answer the door, ope, open, open an account,
arrivare [ar-ri-và-re] arriˈvaːre arrive, arrive at, attain, be along, come,
ascoltare [a-scol-tà-re] askolˈtaːre audit, give ear, hear, heed, listen,
aspettare [a-spet-tà-re] aspetˈtaːre await, bide, expect, hang about, hang around,
avere [a-vé-re] aˈvɛːre bear, carry, carry sth around, have, have got,
capire [ca-pì-re] kaˈpiːre understand, appreciate, catch, catch on, come to grips with,
cercare [cer-cà-re] ʧerˈkaːre check for, court, fish, forage for, look around for,
chiamare [chia-mà-re] kjaˈmaːre beckon, beckon to, buzz, call, call in,
chiedere [chiè-de-re] kjeˈdɛːre ask, beg, call for, claim, demand,
chiudere [chiù-de-re] kjuˈdɛːre block sth off, bring sth to a close, close, close an account, close down,
conoscere [co-nó-sce-re] konoʃˈʃɛːre find out about, get acquainted, have knowledge of, know,
correre [cór-re-re] korˈrɛːre dash, fly, get the lead out, go, race,
dare [dà-re] ˈdaːre add, face, give, hand, listen,
dormire [dor-mì-re] dorˈmiːre bunk, doss, rest, sleep,
dovere [do-vé-re] doˈvɛːre business, due, duty, function, had better,
entrare [en-trà-re] enˈtraːre accept, break, come in, enter, fit,
essere [ès-se-re] esˈsɛːre be, being, stand,
fare [fà-re] ˈfaːre cook, create, do, down, fix,
finire [fi-nì-re] fiˈniːre wane, be all over, bring sth to a close, cease, come to a halt,
guardare [guar-dà-re] gwarˈdaːre catch, check it out, check sth/sb out, eye, face,
imparare [im-pa-rà-re] impaˈraːre bone up on, get knowledge, learn, learned, learnt,
insegnare [in-se-gnà-re] inseɲˈɲaːre instruct, learn, take sb through, teach,
lasciare [la-scià-re] laʃˈʃaːre abandon, absent yourself from, break it off, break up with, chuck in,
lavorare [la-vo-rà-re] lavoˈraːre function, go, mill, operate, run,
leggere [lèg-ge-re] ledˈʤɛːre peruse, read, read over, read sth over, read through,
mettere [mét-te-re] metˈtɛːre brush, brush sth on, brush sth onto, house, list,
morire [mo-rì-re] moˈriːre break, conk out, decease, die, die for,
parlare [par-là-re] parˈlaːre be on about, speak, talk,
portare [por-tà-re] porˈtaːre bear, bring, carry, cart sth around, conduct,
prendere [prèn-de-re] prenˈdɛːre bag, get hold of, hook, seize, take,
rimanere [ri-ma-né-re] rimaˈnɛːre hold, hold at, over, remain, stand,
rispondere [ri-spón-de-re] risponˈdɛːre answer, answer back, counter, counter that, counter with,
riuscire [riu-scì-re] rjuʃˈʃiːre come off, succeed,
sapere [sa-pé-re] saˈpɛːre can, have knowledge of, know, known, learn,
scrivere [scrì-ve-re] skriˈvɛːre author, compose, drop, jot sth on, list,
sembrare [sem-brà-re] semˈbraːre appear, appear to, feel like, look, look like,
sentire [sen-tì-re] senˈtiːre audit, catch, experience, feel, get,
stare [stà-re] ˈstaːre be, do, fit, listen, remain,
studiare [stu-dià-re] stuˈdjaːre analyse, analyze, bone up on, concerned with, investigate,
tenere [te-né-re] teˈnɛːre bear, hold, keep, look after, maintain,
tornare [tor-nà-re] torˈnaːre agree, compute, go back, go back to, return,
trovare [tro-và-re] troˈvaːre consider, contrive, discover, divine, encounter,
uscire [u-scì-re] uʃˈʃiːre come out, come out of, come up, date, exit,
vedere [ve-dé-re] veˈdɛːre play, see, sight,
venire [ve-nì-re] veˈniːre come, come up, cum, down, turn up,
vivere [vì-ve-re] viˈvɛːre exist, experience, live, live by, living,
volere [vo-lé-re] voˈlɛːre desire, mean, want,